How to Display Horse Show Ribbons

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Imagine walking into a room adorned with a vibrant display of colors, each one representing a moment of triumph, an instance of camaraderie, and a testament to perseverance.

These aren’t just any decorations; they’re horse show ribbons, the tangible proof of the countless hours of training, the deep bond between rider and horse, and the exhilarating feeling of competition. Each flutter of the ribbon’s fabric echoes stories of hard-won achievements and shared experiences.

How to Display Horse Show Ribbons

It’s only fitting that these souvenirs are given a deserving place in our spaces, not just to admire but to inspire. Hence, the purpose of this blog post is to provide you with a plethora of creative and practical ideas for displaying your horse show ribbons, transforming them from mere keepsakes into pieces of art. So, keep on reading this article about how to display horse show ribbons.

Understanding Your Ribbons

Types of Ribbons

Before we delve into the various ways to showcase your ribbons, it’s essential to understand the different types of horse show ribbons out there. Generally, these ribbons are classified into three categories:

  1. Rosettes

Rosettes are circular-shaped ribbons that feature a printed design or text on their center and fringed edges.  They come in different sizes, ranging from 3 inches to over 12 inches in diameter, and are usually awarded for winning or placing highly in a specific class or division.

  1. Sashes

As the name suggests, sashes are long, wide ribbons that can be worn across the body. They’re typically given to champions or reserve champions and may have additional embellishments, such as trims or embroidery.

  1. Placings

These are the most common ribbons awarded at horse shows and come in various colors to represent different placings: blue for first place, red for second, yellow for third, white for fourth, and so on.

Material and Design

Horse show ribbons can be made from various materials, such as satin, grosgrain, and velvet. The design may also vary depending on the organization or event hosting the show.

How to Display Horse Show Ribbons

Some ribbons feature just a solid color with text, while others may have intricate patterns or logos. Understanding the material and design of your ribbons will help you determine the best way to display them.

How to Display Horse Show Ribbons: Displaying Ribbons at Home

Now that we have a better understanding of horse show ribbons let’s explore some creative ways to display them at home.

Shadow Box Display

One popular way to showcase ribbons is by using a shadow box. This method involves placing the ribbons in a deep, framed box, creating an organized and visually appealing display.

To make your shadow box display, you’ll need:

  • A deep picture frame or shadow box
  • Foam board or cardboard sheets
  • Adhesive spray
  • Ribbon pins or double-sided tape
  1. Start by measuring the foam board or cardboard to fit into the back of your frame.
  2. Cut out the measured piece and spray adhesive on one side before pressing it onto the back of the frame.
  3. Next, arrange your ribbons on the foam board, using ribbon pins or double-sided tape to secure them in place.
  4. Once all the ribbons are in place, display the frame in a prominent spot for everyone to see and admire.

Ribbon Wreath

Another creative way to display horse show ribbons is by creating a ribbon wreath. This method is perfect for showcasing rosettes and can easily be hung on a wall or door.

To make your own ribbon wreath, you’ll need:

  • A foam wreath base
  • Ribbon pins
  • Ribbon streamers in various colors and patterns
  1. Start by securing the end of a ribbon streamer to the back of the foam base with a ribbon pin.
  2. Wrap the streamer around the base, overlapping each layer slightly as you go around.
  3. Once you reach the end, secure the ribbon with another pin before starting with a new color or pattern.
  4. Continue wrapping and securing ribbons until the entire wreath is covered.
  5. Hang up your wreath and attach rosettes to it using ribbon pins, creating a beautiful and unique display.

Other Display Ideas

Aside from the shadow box and wreath methods, there are endless possibilities for displaying horse show ribbons. Here are a few more ideas to inspire you:

Ribbons on a Curtain Rod

Attach ribbons to a curtain rod using paper clips or binder clips and hang them on your wall for a simple yet eye-catching display.

Ribbon Garland

How to Display Horse Show Ribbons

Create an elegant ribbon garland by stringing together ribbon strands in various colors and patterns. You can then drape the garland along walls, mantles, or windows for a whimsical touch.

Displaying Sashes

Use decorative hooks or hangers to display your sashes, creating a chic and organized look. You can also add labels or tags to each sash, indicating the event or class it was won in.

Displaying Ribbons at Barns or Stables

Barns and stables present a unique opportunity to showcase your equestrian achievements in an environment that genuinely resonates with the spirit of horse riding. Here are a few ideas for displaying your horse show ribbons at barns or stables:

Barn Door Display

Consider hanging your ribbons on the barn doors. This is an excellent method for displaying ribbons, as the vibrant colors will catch the eye of anyone passing by, adding a splash of color and pride to the entrance of your barn.

Stall Curtain Display

Stall curtains not only provide privacy for your horse but also an excellent canvas for your ribbons. Pin your ribbons onto the fabric, creating a dynamic and engaging display that tells a story of your shared journey and achievements with your horse.

Tack Room Bulletin Board

A bulletin board in the tack room is another fantastic place to display your ribbons. You can pin up your ribbons in an organized manner, alongside photos, notes, and other equestrian memorabilia, creating a comprehensive visual depiction of your horse riding experiences.

Ribbon Quilt

If you have an abundance of ribbons, consider making a ribbon quilt. A ribbon quilt can serve as a beautiful wall hanging for the barn or as an impressive cover for your horse’s stall. This not only showcases your achievements but also adds a personal, creative touch to your barn or stable.

Barn Loft Display

If your barn has a loft, take advantage of the vertical space by hanging ribbons from the ceiling or rafters. This creates an impressive display that adds color and character to the barn while also making the most of the available space.

Remember, your horse show ribbons are a testament to your hard work, commitment, and the bond you share with your horse. Displaying them in your barn or stable allows you to share these victories and memories with your fellow equestrians and anyone who visits your barn.

Incorporating Horse Show Ribbons in Home Décor

In addition to proudly displaying your horse show ribbons, they can also be creatively integrated into your home décor. These ribbons, with their vibrant colors and unique designs, can add a personal touch to various elements of your interior design.

Ribbon Tiebacks for Curtains

Horse show ribbons can make for beautiful and distinctive curtain tiebacks. To do this, fasten your ribbons around the middle of your curtains, creating an attractive accent. Alternatively, you could braid multiple ribbons together for a thicker, more substantial tieback. This is a fantastic way to repurpose your ribbons while ensuring they are on display.

Ribbon-Covered Lampshade

Creating a ribbon-covered lampshade is another innovative way to showcase your horse show ribbons. You’ll need:

  • A lampshade
  • A collection of horse show ribbons
  • Hot glue gun
How to Display Horse Show Ribbons
  1. Begin by cutting the rosettes from the ribbons, leaving a short tail.
  2. Then, starting at the top of the lampshade, apply a line of hot glue around the shade.
  3. Immediately press the tail end of a ribbon onto the glue, wrapping it around the lampshade until you reach the beginning. Cut off any excess ribbon.
  4. Repeat this process with additional ribbons, working your way down the lampshade until it’s completely covered.

These methods not only allow you to keep your awards in sight, but they also add a unique and personal touch to your home. Plus, they make for great conversation starters with guests!

Tips for Preserving and Organizing Horse Show Ribbons

Preserving and organizing your horse show ribbons is crucial to keep them in good condition and to easily enjoy them for years to come. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

Proper Storage

Store your ribbons in a cool, dry place to prevent them from fading or getting damaged. A storage box with dividers can be a great option as it allows you to categorize ribbons by event, date, or horse.

Cleaning Your Ribbons

If your ribbons get dusty or dirty, it’s essential to clean them gently to avoid damaging the fabric or colors. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe away any dust. For stains, consider a fabric cleaner, but always test on an inconspicuous area first.

Prevent Fading

Limit the exposure of your ribbons to direct sunlight, as it can cause the vibrant colors to fade over time. If you choose to display your ribbons where they’ll get some sun, consider using UV-protective glass or frames.


Organize your ribbons in a way that makes sense to you. This could be by event, horse, date, or place. This not only makes your display more orderly but also helps you easily find specific ribbons when needed.

Digital Preservation

How to Display Horse Show Ribbons

Consider taking high-quality photographs or scanning your ribbons. This creates a digital record that can be easily shared with others or used to create a printed book or digital slideshow of your equestrian achievements.

DIY Display Case for Rosettes

Creating a DIY display case for your rosettes is an excellent way to showcase multiple awards in one place. Here are the steps to create your own display case:

Materials Needed

  • A shadow box frame or deep picture frame
  • Corkboard or foam board
  • Fabric (optional)
  • Hot glue gun or adhesive
  • Pins or small hooks


  1. Measure and Cut: First, measure the interior dimensions of your shadow box frame. Cut the corkboard or foam board to fit these dimensions.
  2. Fabric Cover (Optional): If you want to add a touch of elegance or match the board with your home decor, consider covering the board with fabric. Cut the fabric slightly larger than the board, wrap it around the board, and secure it on the backside with hot glue or another adhesive.
  3. Place the Board Inside the Frame: Once the board is ready, place it inside the shadow box frame. Ensure it fits snugly and is secured well.
  4. Attach Rosettes: Now, attach your rosettes to the board. You can use pins to stick them onto a corkboard or small hooks for foam boards. Arrange them in a way that makes sense to you – by event, date, or horse.
  5. Hang the Display Case: Finally, hang the display case on a wall of your choice. Make sure it’s securely mounted.

With this DIY rosette display case, you can now showcase all your equestrian achievements in one place. It offers a compact, organized, and stylish way to honor the bond between you and your horse.


Horse show ribbons are more than just decorative accessories; they are tangible symbols of an equestrian’s hard work, dedication, and the special bond they share with their horse.

Whether you choose to display them in your barn or incorporate them into your home decor, these ribbons deserve to be showcased. With a bit of creativity, they can add a unique personal touch to your surroundings, all while serving as a daily reminder of your accomplishments.

Storing them properly ensures their longevity, and organizing them in a thoughtful way helps you easily relive those cherished moments. In the end, these ribbons are reflections of our passion and love for equestrian life, and as such, they are always worth celebrating. Thanks for reading this article about how to display horse show ribbons

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